Breaking! US Capitol Hill Police To Open Investigation Into Murder Of Rosanne Boyland On January 6th By DC Cop Lila Morris! (Video)

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Tommy Tatum

DC Metro Cop Lila Morris killed Rosanne Boyland, an unarmed and unconscious woman who was already brutalized and bleeding from the mouth and nose when Morris struck her four viscous blows killing het on the steps of the US Capitol On January 6th.

I was literally within a foot of Rosanne after we were all pushed down into a crowd and were being crushed.

My leg was trapped by the rail at the top of the steps going to the lower west terrace tunnel.

Rosanne was trapped beside me. We were there for around 8 minutes when other January 6 survivors saved my life and others. Jake Lang is one of those men.

He is the man I mention signing the affidavit for in the video.

When the other January 6 survivors were able to intervene, at great risk of their own physical well being, it got the cops to stop beating, flash-banging, pepper gassing and shooting us with deadly chemicals and rubber bullets, temporarily.

I personally was able to get free and stand up. You can see all this in videos taken that day.

But Rosanne, as I mentioned earlier was ALREADY unconscious and bleeding from her mouth and nose the entire time we were being brutally assaulted.

As I was being pulled to my feet, you can see in the video evidence, is when DC Metro Cop Lila Morris strikes her 4 times with a long wooden stick.

Within minutes Rosanne started turning purple and died.

I called the Capitol Police today to ask for an investigation in to the murder.

Below is the video of the call I made along with footage of Lila Morris killing Rosanne Boyland.

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