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Breaking News! The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing!, Local Principal Is At Witt’s End And Said She Is Fed Up With This District And She Is Demanding A State Take Over…


Whistleblower Statement Below

Dr. Dace

Dr. WANDA “CHIEF OF CUSSING” MERITT has announced to staff she’s doesn’t take mess off the Greenville Public school district board of trustees!!!

Lately she has disciplined staff members in her office on the stage in front the entire school body stating “The best school in the land will not have the worst teachers in the district”…

While Dr. Debra “devil” Dace is in cooperation with Merritt for various district polices violations.

She states she sees nothing wrong with Pastor Merritt position as principal she says “People may call her wolf in sheeps clothing” but she is a good principal… it has been stated at least ten teachers are planning to resign from this unsafe disorderly school as she daily screams and insults each one of them in front of staff l, students and family members.

The Counselor of the upmost Dr Merritt daily says she doesn’t like this staff and allows her school adjunct and Kendra “im a snitch” HALL to work as an administrator and not be paid for those services..

Dr. Devil Dace why are you allowing this to take place in this district? Your focus on children iS not even in place you could give two spits about them…please stop stealing and focus on education…You push Dr. Merritt to cause this school to be uncontrollable and in a mess…this is a true MIDDLE EAST SIDE HIGH…she cusses out staff and makeS jokes about students and parents who are less fortunate!!! That is not the Christ like…board will you all allow this to continue to take place or will you all put this to a stop!! WE DEMAND ACTION

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Nails Them All! Truth Is Coming! “This Is WW3”!!

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