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Breaking News! Greenville Mayor Erick Simmons and his Brother, State Senator Derrick Simmons, Accused Of Sex Trafficking By Ex Military And Law Enforcement Whistle Blower!


Over the past few weeks as The Washington County Auditor has reported on a plethora of civil rights violations, accusations of possible rape being covered up by local enforcement personnel, and a litany of other instances of corruption rampant throughout Washington County an informant with knowledge of a truly horrifying sequence of events has contacted The Washington County Auditor several times over the past few weeks with information of a multitude of horrific crimes involving details of KKK meetings in Hollandale, Mississippi, the embezzlement of over $5 Million Dollars of embezzlement by Hollondale city officials ajd store owners, and most shocking and unsettling of all, that Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons and State Senator Derrick Simmons where involved with a sex trafficking ring that ended when the victim, a child a the time many years ago returned as grown man to kill his assaulters.

This is information given to The Washington County Auditor, in the realm of a pedophile ring involving the Simmons brothers, very recently, after trust was built between the source of the information and our investigative reporters.

That being the case we have not verified the claims of a sex trafficking wring involving a minor that ended in homocide but other information given to The Washington County Auditor seems to back up the claims of the embezzlement in Hollondale by the source in the form of a professional auditing firm’s report on the City Of Hollondale, that seems to show drastic expenses for furniture and equipment, road repairs that never happened and what looks to be a part of over $5 million dollars in embezzlement going back for years.

The Washington County Auditor reached out to Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons via text, since in the past when The Washington County Auditor has tried speaking with the mayor we have been met with no response.

When asked in the text if he would like to respond to the charges described in this article before the story was published, no response was given by the mayor yet again.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of this story that includes more information of Hollondale farmers having weekly KKK meetings at a “private club” that was a open secret in the community to be some sort of illegal “strip club”, sinister motivations of Clandestine Masonic Lodge members, a sick political strategy designed by to keep corrupt politicians in office by keeping classes of Americans divided and intentionally being agitated to hate each other using marxist techniques and much much more.

This may all sound a lot like a incredible story that can’t possibly be true, that being a small town in the middle of nowhere of having a sex trafficking ring involving the mayor and state senator but more information will be reported by The Washington County Auditor over the next few days.

The Washington County Auditor
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