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Breaking! Anonymous Source Describes Delta Hospital Providing Better China Virus Treatments For Those With Private Insurance.

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The following is a direct quote from an anonymous source given to The Washington County Auditor concerning the Chinese Party Virus that is currently on the rise in the Delta.

“I’m concerned about something. I maybe wrong but this has weighed heavy on my mind .

A good family friend who still has his job, health insurance and all unlike me , had corona . He was sick and then of course he had a few weeks to recover before I could see him.

This man almost died !! It went from a headache to both lungs full of phenomena within a week! This man said he was told he wasn’t probably gonna make it through the night but they needed to give him plasma! He said he was scared so he never closed his eyes till he just couldn’t stay awake any longer , probably 2 days he thought!

I listened to his tearful story and the hell he went through, the plasma saved his life!

Right here in Greenville,MS… I have 2 friends from another state that has passed from COVID! No health insurance – never offered plasma , as their family told the story of their experience.

My other friends were left in the hallway on ventilators and only one visitor a day! Both within 4 days died!

Supposedly the hospital here is overloaded and patients are all over ,why?? Why isn’t people in and out within probably a week or so?

Let me ask you this .. The man I talked to has insurance and no not the government kind “Medicaid” so is the poor not worthy of the plasma?

Obviously the few here I’ve spoke with that had family dying here In Greenville don’t have “Blue Cross” insurance, hell probably like me, I don’t have any insurance! But I’ll be the first to donate my plasma to save anyone it would!!

But I would be the one in the hospital dying because I don’t have insurance!! I’ve lost everything not by my choice hell no!! What is really going on, who is to blame or question for any of this??

Integrity Is The Only Moral Currency

The government took my job, insurance and I guess my life if I end up with covid. Why the whole world had to stop!! COVID 19 !!

Now, who do I need to question for my life basically that’s all I have and I guess someone is not allowing the poor to get the treatment! And I say poor like I’ve ever been rich! Lol!!

I only have my hope that this will come to an end! But ,will I make through this?? Hopefully I won’t get sick but what about us?? The ones that lost our jobs and don’t have insurance???

Who’s to question,who’s to blame?? Wtf , is really going on??? Oh yea, you better have some good insurance or there are no extras!! All you have is hope!!”

The Washington County Auditor

Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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