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A black school shooter who rampaged through a Texas high school was released from prison on just a $75k bond thanks to the color of his skin.

A school shooter wounded three people in a rampage at an Arlington, Texas, high school Wednesday. He spent a grand total of one day in jailbefore he was released on a $75,000 bond Thursday. Media outlets are sympathetically portraying him as a victim of bullying and amplifying his family’s defense. This may shock some readers. Who could be worse than a school shooter? Aren’t we supposed to keep these young monsters locked up so they don’t hurt any more kids?

But there’s something different about this school shooter from the ones you usually hear about on the news. Timothy Simpkins, the 18-year-old shooter is black. In the Globalist American Empire, that awards him privilege. No white school shooter could’ve expected such a generous treatment.

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