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Bill Burr rips CNN for talking about Trump and says ‘they want Darth Vader to come back’ | Daily Mail Online


Comedian Bill Burr rips ‘f*****g morons’ at CNN for talking about Donald Trump and says ‘they want Darth Vader to come back’ to save their ratings

  • Comedian Bill Burr called CNN ‘f*****g morons’ on his podcast for continuing to talk about Donald Trump
  • He said, ‘They want Darth Vader to come back because they got nothing to talk about because it’s show business, and Joe Biden is a f*****g bore’
  • CNN’s ratings have plummeted since Trump left office 
  • Last Thursday, CNN didn’t have one show that topped one million viewers 
  • CNN’s 57percent drop was the biggest year-over-year prime time loss among the cable news networks

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