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Judge Joe Brown Claims Joe Biden Called Black Children “roaches” And Much Worse!

A video on youtube posted on the channel name of “aaron foster” can be seen in it’s entirety by clicking on the link below. .


During the interview of Judge Joe Brown he claims he personally heard and saw in person now fraudulently elected Joe Biden use some of the most racist language and public policy ideas imaginable while he was running for the United States Senate as a young man.

Biden, according to Brown, was introduced as a “yellow dog Dixiecrat” by some of the most racist names in American history, that would “work to uphold the long-standing Democratic Party opposition to

Brown claims that Joe Biden started off speaking by “calling Negro children roaches” and “Negros are nothing but wild animals and they turn our streets into jungles” and “if I am elected to the US Senate my likely partner here Senator Strom Thurman and I will find ways to put these Negro animals in jail”

The video contains much more racist language and claims of all kinds of crimes being committed by all kinds of people. View it for yourself and see what you think.

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