Bennie G. Thompson’s Hypocrisy Is Reprehensible!!

Bennie G. Thompson’s Hypocrisy Is Reprehensible!!

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During an interview with PBS Newshour on Sunday, Bennie G. Thompson, from Mississippi Congressional 2 and Homeland Security Committee Chair, argued that GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Holly should be placed on a no-fly list because of their quote, “actions they participated in on January 6 ” when pro Trump rally goers held a mostly peaceful protest after the rally and speech that President Donald J. Trump gave.

While the whole of mainstream media is determined to gaslight the world into believing that 75 Million voters for Donald Trump should be considered “terrorists” during the speeches simply asked for a peaceful march down Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill. During the speech Trump did not ask for any violence or mayhems at the Capitol but simply asked for the peoples voices’ to be heard about the obviously stolen election this past November.

The Hypocrisy of Bennie G. Thompson saying anyone should be placed on a no-fly list comes from the fact that he flew to Cuba himself, in the 90’s to a recently declared state sponsor of terror, Cuba.

This fact that Bennie G. Thompson is the Homeland Security Chair and possibly still a Communist Party USA member is not necessarily an example of hypocrisy, but horrifying. to anyone who understands the ramifications of such a dystopian reality.

I say possibly because when I called the congressman’s office last week and asked if he was still a member of the evil organization his staff was ‘unsure”.

A FOIA request of that phone call will verify that claim. 

The fact he was a member of the traitorous Communist Party USA is not in dispute however.

To take a deeper dive into the Representative’s past and communist ties click Here. You will see the evidence is quite extensive.

They say all politics is local, but as a voter in his district – that was gerrymandered by Democrats who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War – I can tell you Bennie G. Thompson hasn’t done anything of significance for his own constituents in n nearly 30 years.

The Mississippi Delta is probably the poorest part of the poorest state in the union.

Many local businesses have folded during the past year’s lunacy and response to a bad flu and many of the people of the Delta literally are cold and hungry.

But instead of helping the people in his district he is busy joining in on a circus of anti free speech Marxists who have everything to lose when Donald Trump serves the next four year’s as President and drains the swamp for good.

Just for good measure Here is another way to read for yourself and see the Congressman’s membership to The Communist Party USA.

It also proves that Bennie G. Thompson’s hypocrisy is reprehensible. But not as much as his treachery.

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