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Babbitt’s Legal Team Reveals Stunning New Info: They Say Their Evidence Shows Officer “Ambushed Ashli Without Warning”

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Team Babbitt says they have evidence – and witnesses – that the officer “ambushed Ashli without warning”

The Babbitt family is getting ready to file a wrongful death suit against the government. Lawyer Terry Roberts is leading this charge.

It’s clear that the family believes the officer who shot unarmed Ashli is Lt. Michael Byrd – and now, a conflict is heating up over whether or not Babbitt was warned before the officer pulled the trigger.

Western Journal is reporting that Mr. Byrd is on paid leave and has not been back to work since the incident. They also said that investigative journalist Paul Sperry discovered that Byrd’s attorney, Mark Schamel, insists his client issued a warning and that he “did so loudly and clearly,” according to Sperry.

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