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Anonymous Woman claims Washington County Sherriff’s Department Refused To Investigate An Incident Of Someone Impersonating A Police Officer.


After seeing several stories reported by The Washington County Auditor, a concerned citizen shares details of an experience she had in Washington County that causes her not to return out of fear. Please see her full quote below.

“Several years ago, I don’t know if you remember the woman that was raped by someone who supposedly was impersonating an officer, but a week or two before it happened..

I was on my way home from work. It was about 2:30 in the morning. I was driving backroads to get home when I was pulled over by what looked like a deputy truck. Blue lights on the top and front. It has a spot light shining in my eyes. So I couldn’t make out much of what it actually was. He walked up to my car and explained he pulled me over because I had a tail light out. Took my license and insurance. I felt like something was wrong. So I rolled my window up to where it only had 2-3 inches open.

He came back and informed me my license were suspended and I needed to step out of my car, because he could not legally let me drive home. By this time I had called my child’s grandparents and had them on the phone to listen. Something in my head told me to not get out. I asked could my coworker drive us home because there was no way both of our license were suspended and I know mine should not be because I have never been in trouble and I just renewed them. He looked surprised when he bent down to see someone in the passenger side.

That’s when I noticed he had a white shirt on with camo pants. No badge and so much facial hair he could pass for a person off duck dynasty. He told me that she could drive if her license came back okay and he would need me to fix my tail light first thing the next morning. Her license were clear. And then he proceeded to tell us to swap seats and went to grab my door handle. I told him I did not fee comfortable getting out of the car so we would switch in the car. But she got out and walked around.

Before I would let her get in the driver side I asked him to step back. So he did, she got in. And we left. The next morning, I went to the SO. I couldn’t sleep that night so I just stayed up. I went in and asked if they had an officer/deputy that matched that description and was told no. Then I had them check to see if my licenses were suspended. They weren’t and have never been. They never took a statement. When we left the SO, I remembered to check my tail lights. Both of them were working!

Then a week or two later, there was a lady on the news that had been raped by someone who was an officer or was impersonating one.”

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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Alleged Rape Victim Releases Text Messages with The Washington County Sherriff’s Department

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