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Alleged Rape Victim Releases Text Messages with The Washington County Sherriff’s Department

The alleged rape victim that has come forth this past week with allegations of being drugged and then possibly gang raped at Harlow’s Casino in Greenville back in 2017, (correction correct year is 2019) [Correction made 9-26], has released a series of text messages to The Washington County Auditor in an attempt to get justice.

The text messages are between the alleged victim and members of the Washington County Sherriff’s Department dating back to last year. (Originally reported as 2 to 3 years), Corrected 9-26-2020

The alleged victim is ready to come forth and do an interview with The Washington County Auditor, where she will explain how she feels there is an intentional cover up of her rape and how she feels she has been denied justice.

She says she is “tired of running from these people and being afraid for my life all the time”. She also says she came to The Washington County Auditor because she has exhausted every option she can think of to get the word out about what happened to her and she is worried about it happening to other people.

Justice delayed is justice denied.


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