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After The Lockdowns, The Religion Of Science Only Gets Darker

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Historian Yuval Noah Harari promises that if we eat the apple of high technology, we shall be as gods. But will that apple be nourishing or poisonous?

Scientism is steadily replacing traditional religion as the basis for understanding the world and our place in it. A recent essay by Noelle Garnier at The National Pulse entitled “A New American Divinity” argues persuasively that the global pandemic catalyzed a mass conversion to that secular faith.

Over a single year, millions came to “believe the Science” without question. Garnier writes: “The COVID-19 outbreak raised the authority of medical scientists … to quasi-religious dimensions.” She concludes with three critical questions: “Who is doing the science? What are their aims for the future of mankind? And what expression will scientism find when COVID-19 recedes into the past?”
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