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Afghanistan evacuation: Man beaten bloody by Taliban as airlift nears its end | Daily Mail Online

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So much for Biden’s tough talk: Australian citizen is beaten by Taliban while trying to reach evacuation flight as Islamists IGNORE US president’s demand to let civilians get to Kabul airport – with just hours left for them to flee

  • Man claiming to be an Australian citizen filmed himself beaten bloody by Taliban guards near Kabul airport 
  • Speaking in accented English, he accused guards of hitting him and said he was trying to reach the airport – though his words are partially obscured by the sound of an AK-47 rifle being cocked and fired over his head 
  • Comes after the Taliban vowed to block Afghans from reaching the airport in defiance of Biden’s demand that evacuations are allowed to continue unimpeded, with even western citizens getting trapped
  • Mercy flights expected to last for just a few more hours before planes are used to get troops out by August 31

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